How to choose the right oneHearing aid

One patient should not wearHearing aidWhat kind of hearing aids should be considered in combination with the nature, degree, medical history, age, lifestyle, hearing needs, and affordability of deafness. “It is best to wear a hearing aid during moderate hearing impairment” because the role of the hearing aid is to expand the sound to achieve an indirect improvement in hearing. “Some patients are not serious, prematureHearing aidIf the volume is too large, it will increase the noise and make the deafness worse; while wearing it too late will result in the result of hearing the sound but not understanding the meaning of what others say. Then, the choice of hearing aid needs attention. What? Good to a specialty store with a professional testing capability or a regular hospital configuration.


When matching, the fitter must check with the corresponding instrument, adjust the hearing aid according to the different degree of hearing loss of the individual, and make the ear mold customized. “Do not buy it yourself or wear it at will, so as not to damage the residual hearing.

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