It is reported that there are 8 cases of congenital atresia of the external auditory canal in 30000 live infants, with a population incidence of 0.05-0.1 ‰; the probability of unilateral atresia is higher than that of bilateral atresia, which is more common.

The atresia of the external auditory canal blocks the sound transmission and often leads to a certain degree of hearing loss. However, the hearing loss caused by it is generally not very serious, and the hearing aid can help improve the audibility.

How to choose the right hearing aid for the atresia of external auditory canal?

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At present, the main product of hearing aids is air guided hearing aids. No matter the ear back type or the inner ear type, the outlet hole needs to be placed in the outer ear canal, and the amplified sound needs to be transmitted through the outer ear canal before it can be heard. However, when the outer ear canal is locked, the use of this type of air guided hearing aids is limited and cannot be used normally. So, how to solve the problem?

Solution 1: bone guided hearing aid

After atresia of external auditory canal, the results of bone conduction test are very important. If the bone conduction value is normal or only slightly decreased, bone conduction hearing aids can be selected. The main styles are: bandage type, glasses type, etc;

The vibrator of this kind of hearing aid clings to the temporal bone or skull, passes the sound around the external auditory canal and the middle ear through vibration, and directly transmits it into the inner ear, so that people can hear it; because the vibrator causes certain pressure on the temporal bone or skull during the wearing process, the long-term use of the vibrator is generally comfortable, and the concealment is also poor.

Scheme II: bone anchored hearing aid

For the patients with atresia of external auditory canal, the bone conduction test results are moderate, or only mild / normal, so they can choose the bone anchor hearing aid (BAHA) implanted by surgery; this kind of hearing aid is fixed in the skull by surgery, so it will not cause pressure on the head and produce discomfort; however, it is easy to have inflammation and the concealment is also general if the care of the hand wound is improper.

Scheme 3: reconstruction of external auditory canal

At the same time of atresia of the external auditory canal, there is often middle ear deformity; reconstruction of the external auditory canal and tympanic membrane is conducive to sound transmission, which can improve hearing to a certain extent; if there is still hearing loss after surgery, regardless of the degree of bone conduction loss, it can improve listening ability by selecting the internal type of air conduction hearing aids; high comfort, high concealment.

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