Different types of hearing aids have different methods of daily maintenance. For each type of hearing aids, the focus of maintenance is also different.

1 box machine

For the box type machine, it is necessary to use the alkaline battery with good quality as far as possible, and replace the battery without power in time. Take out the battery when it is not used for a long time to avoid leakage of battery liquid and corrosion of hearing aid circuit. When turning the volume potentiometer and switch, do not use excessive force to avoid damage to the potentiometer and switch.

2 ear back machine

For the earphone, sweat, dust and other harmful small objects can easily enter the hearing aid from the tiny gap of potentiometer, switch and battery compartment. Especially in summer, because the human body is easy to sweat, because certain sweat contains salt, alkali and other components. It is easy to enter the hearing aid for chemical reaction. Thus, the microphone, receiver, movement and other parts of the hearing aid are corroded and damaged. So in summer, we should often use dry towels or paper towels to wipe sweat, to avoid sweat flowing into hearing aids. When bathing, remove the hearing aid and place it in a dry and reliable place. For ear molds, always clean and brush away cerumen or foreign matters on the ear molds. If there is ear oil or earwax in the acoustic pipe, or in the environment with large temperature difference, water vapor is easy to form in the acoustic pipe to block the acoustic pipe. In this case, the acoustic pipe of the hearing aid can be pulled out from the ear hook, and then the ear ball can be used to blow away the foreign matters in the acoustic pipe, but it can not be dried by the electric blower, because the hot wind will bend and deform the acoustic pipe. After cleaning, install the acoustic pipe.

3-ear hearing aid

For the inner ear hearing aid, due to the relatively closed space formed by the plug in the ear canal, we must pay attention to dampproof and earwax prevention. The outlet of the inner ear hearing aid is located in the ear canal. The secretion and cerumen in the ear canal can easily enter the receiver through the receiver tube or vent hole. After entering the receiver, these substances will accumulate inside the receiver and destroy the hearing aid. Cause the sound to become light and distorted, or directly cause the hearing aid to be silent, so that the receiver is completely damaged. Therefore, when wearing the inner ear hearing aid, pay attention to clean the ear canal with a clean cotton swab before wearing the hearing aid, keep it clean, and then put the hearing aid on. After not using the hearing aid, clean the foreign matters around the cerumen baffle and on the hearing aid. When the hearing aid is not in use, the battery compartment shall be opened and stored in a drying bottle with effective desiccant.

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