Binocular vision allows us to accurately identify direction and avoid danger. In the same way, binaural listening can protect us, because binaural listening can play an important role in locating the sound source accurately. Hearing experts suggest that as long as hearing impairment exists in both ears and there are no other contraindications, people with hearing impairment must try to wear hearing aids in both ears to obtain a higher quality of listening experience.

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1. Accurate positioning of sound

It’s a very dangerous thing for the single ear wearer to hear the sound of the car behind him, but he can’t judge which side the car is coming from, and the double ear hearing aid can accurately locate the direction and position of the sound source.

2. Protect residual hearing

If only one ear is worn, one side of the ear with hearing aids will be over dependent. If the other side of the ear is not exercised for a long time, the residual hearing will be gradually lost, which is the phenomenon of “hearing deprivation” in medicine.

3. It is easier to hear the content of the speech

Wearing both ears can eliminate the “head shadow effect”, reduce the head’s obstruction to high-frequency voice, and make it easier to hear and distinguish the content of speech.

4. It’s easier to listen to the low voice

The wearer with one ear has more difficulty in listening to a small voice, while the sum of two ears can improve the total loudness of the voice and make it easier to listen to a small voice.

5. Easier to hear in noisy environment

Binaural wear has a natural “quiet effect”, which can effectively suppress background noise and improve the signal-to-noise ratio. As shown in the figure below, in a quiet environment, the speech intelligibility of hearing aids with one ear and two ears is similar, which are slightly lower than that of normal hearing people. Under the noise environment, the speech intelligibility of the people with hearing aids on both ears is close to that of the people with normal hearing, while the speech intelligibility of the people with hearing aids on one ear is low.

6. More stereo sound

Listening with both ears will produce stereo effect. The speech you hear is more natural and the music is more beautiful.

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