With the same degree of hearing loss, the hearing aid effect of the people with high available value of residual hearing is better. For example, if the average hearing loss of 60 dB (HL) is the same, the hearing aid effect of patients with conductive deafness is better than that of patients with sensorineural deafness. Therefore, the quality of residual hearing is an important index to measure the effect of hearing aid. Residual hearing includes whether there is rejuvenation and how to distinguish hearing. In fact, what has a great impact on the effect of hearing aids is the user’s own auditory resolution. Most patients have different degrees of loss of auditory resolution. The loss is not much, the hearing aid can compensate. If the loss is too serious (this kind of situation is often seen in the hearing center’s obstacle), the hearing aid also cannot do anything. After all, hearing aids can not replace the role of the cerebral cortex.

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Hearing aids respond well to verbal sounds, but not to nonverbal sounds. Therefore, in one-on-one conversation, the role of hearing aids is obvious, and in other cases, it will be worse. For example, some fans of opera or music hope to enjoy opera and music as before after wearing hearing aids. I’m afraid that’s not easy to achieve. Rhythm can be clearly perceived, but “taste” is always inadequate; some high-frequency instruments can’t hear well, and the former “correct pronunciation” will now have some “tone changes”.

For watching TV and listening to radio, different people have different reactions, and about half of them think they are not satisfied. Because the sound signal emitted by TV and radio is different from the original sound, this change is essentially a kind of “distortion”; and the sound signal amplified by the hearing aid will change again and “distortion” again. Two times of “distortion” caused some users to “not hear clearly”. Of course, it’s not a big problem to listen to the news broadcast.

Traditional analog hearing aids are not smart enough to amplify only the signals users want to hear. Usually, they amplify all the collected sounds equally. For example, in the street, the hearing aids not only amplify the conversation sound, but also the background noise when the car passes by. The farther away you talk, the smaller the signal you want to hear, the greater the background noise. At a certain distance, due to the interference of background noise, the signal sound is very unclear. It’s like in the noisy food market, even if you have normal hearing, you can’t hear what your friends shout from afar. Therefore, the use of hearing aids has an “effective” distance. For traditional hearing aids, the distance is about 2 meters; directional, part of digital programming, digital hearing aids can be slightly far, as far as 5 meters.

It is difficult to guarantee the effect of wearing hearing aids at the meeting. Because there is not only the problem of “twice distortion”, but also the problem of “distance”. If the meeting place is noisy, the effect will be worse.

Seven or eight people chatting with each other will also affect the effect of hearing aids. However, if hearing aids are worn on both ears, the effect will be much better.

It is worth noting that the emergence of digital hearing aid technology makes us see the hope. It is believed that in the future, with the help of digital hearing aids, the problem of background noise can be solved gradually.

In view of this, people who are going to use hearing aids must have a correct expectation for the effect of hearing aids. Remember, the function of hearing aids is just “hearing aid”. Don’t expect to spend a few thousand yuan to buy “normal ears”. Due to the different hearing conditions of each person, the performance of the hearing aids they want to use is also different. For these problems, the hearing aid tester should be able to explain clearly to the user in the process of hearing aid matching.

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