RICHow to choose earplugs for hearing aids

Earbuds are the easiest and quickest way to complete a transaction with one fit. Earplugs are recommended as long as they are low power and medium power receivers. The earplugs are also divided into three types: open earplugs, closed earplugs, and double earplugs. According to the hearing aid wearer’s feelings and hearing loss, choose the appropriate earplug type. It is recommended that the low-power receiver be equipped with an open earplug; the medium-power receiver can be equipped with a closed earplug; the high-power receiver can select the double earplug for the user to wear first, and then choose according to the need. Custom ear molds or custom machine receivers.


Custom ear molds are used when earplugs cannot be used, such as hearing aid wearers who use earplugs to feel uncomfortable, or howling, or unable to fix, and have external slippage. The main advantage of ear molds compared to earplugs is comfort and sealing. Of course, the most important thing is that ear molds can be fitted with “ear canal locks”. becauseRICThe earplugs are pulled by the wires and can easily slide out. If a custom ear mold is used and the ear canal lock is configured, it can be well fixed. Custom ear molds need to take ear samples and make them according to the ear mold process.3DPrinting technology, ear canal lock can be integrated with the ear mold, beautiful and firm.

Customized receivers are available for high power and ultra-high power receivers for optimum sealing while also meeting comfort requirements. Customized receivers are more comfortable and look better than custom earpieces. Of course, the customized ultra-high power receiver has a relatively high volume requirement for the ear canal, and it is necessary to evaluate whether the ear canal size is suitable.

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