Choose according to your personal hearing

Hearing should be checked before hearing aids, and the degree of hearing loss should be tested. Otherwise, it may be “wearing more and more.” The scientific selection of hearing aids should include hearing tests, hearing aid selection, computer debugging of hearing aids, etc., which must be operated by professional fitters at professional fitting points. In fact, hearing aids are fitted like glasses, and inappropriate glasses can cause vision loss. Therefore, when choosing an hearing aid, the elderly should be more careful and choose the one that suits them best according to their own situation.

Choose according to the type of hearing aid

Hearing aids can be divided into box-type hearing aids, behind-the-ear hearing aids and custom hearing aids. Different groups of people should choose the appropriate type of hearing aid as needed.

The box type hearing aid has the characteristics of complete specifications, large power output, low operation, easy operation and easy maintenance. It is currently the most economical and widely used hearing aid. Widely used in senile and all types of hearing loss patients. However, it is easy to produce noise with clothing friction, and it has gradually been eliminated.

The behind-the-ear hearing aid is a long hook type that rests behind the ear and is powered by a button battery. It features low noise, low distortion, high power, stable performance, easy operation and easy maintenance.

Customized hearing aids are made based on the shape of the ear canal and hearing loss of the hearing patient. Divided into the ear, ear canal and deep ear canal. Its main features are: make full use of the physiological functions of the human ear, use the auricle to collect more high-frequency sounds, make the sound clearer, thus improve the language resolution; beautiful, concealed, convenient, comfortable; avoid psychological obstacles and enhance life confidence; Easy to operate, free from action restrictions; easy to answer calls.

According to the brand selection of the hearing aid

Hearing aids are highly sophisticated high-tech products, so the purchase of branded hearing aids guarantees hearing quality and safety. The world’s first-line brand hearing aids include Swiss Phonak hearing aids, US Starck hearing aids and Belong hearing aids, Denmark’s Resound hearing aids and Oticon hearing aids,  and Canada’s Unicorn hearing aids. And Jinghao hearing aids, etc. Hearing patients can purchase branded hearing aids based on their actual situation.

Choose according to personal operation ability

The elderly should choose hearing aids based on factors such as finger flexibility and vision. In addition to hearing loss, many elderly people have poor eyesight and inflexible fingers. It is difficult to install batteries for very small hearing aids. Most elderly people are reluctant to use a wide range of hearing aids because they have a handy eye. They prefer simple, easy-to-operate hearing aids. Therefore, the choice of hearing aids must also take into account the learning and operational skills of the elderly.

According to the selection of the fitting institution

For the fitting of hearing aids, first consider the professional hearing aid fitting center. The so-called hospitals and pharmacies are not professional hearing aid fitting institutions. Hospitals and pharmacies cannot perform professional hearing tests and speech resolving tests on patients from the perspective of audiology. Therefore, the elderly choose a hearing aid or go to a professional institution to use it with confidence and hear clearly.


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