How to choose a suitable and efficient hearing aid?

How to choose a suitable and efficient for your family or the elderly hearing aid? Hearing aid selection and the purchase is different from other products and different from general medical equipment. Since the correct choice of hearing aid directly affects the user’s wearing effect and satisfaction, especially online buyers are best before purchasing hearing aids. It is to provide the fitter with some hearing problems and daily live performances of the prospective wearer so that the seller can clearly understand the degree of hearing loss and other relevant important information, so as to facilitate the correct recommendation, so as to ensure the purchase of the buyer. The hearing aid works well and achieves the purpose of online purchase: affordable and satisfactory results.

In view of buying from buyers earning and scientific and responsible for the sale of medical products. Therefore, some problems are sorted out, and the buyer can answer the following questions to save the seller’s inquiry and time. For better, choose the right one fasterHearing aid lay the foundation.

1. What is the age, gender, age of deafness and deafness of the hearing aid for the user (elderly, etc.)?

2. Where are the main living contents and places of the elderly? (home / outside / still working / retirement)

3. Is the old man’s body healthy? (activity, hand and foot flexibility, thinking ability, etc.)

4. What are the hearing problems encountered by the elderly in their daily lives? Under what circumstances can I hear?

A. One meter away, face to face with the normal (speaking) of the elderly, can the elderly hear or understand? (是/否)

B. Can the doorbell, phone ringtone, ringtone, etc. at home be heard? Can I answer the call? (是/否)

C. Can you hear the loudspeaker on your ear? (Yes/否)

D. Usually face-to-face speech can be heard, the distance is far from clear, but you can hear the sound, is this the case? (是/否)

E. The ears are shouting and audible, but sometimes I can’t hear what we are talking about. (Yes/否)F. Other daily hearing performance.

5. What type of purchase are you going to buy for the elderly? Hearing aid?

a. Box hearing aid (price200yuan-400Between the yuan) the hearing aid is not in the jacket pocket or the waist belt buckle, through the wire connection, the earplug is stuffed into the ear to achieve the amplification of the sound.

b.Behind hearing aids500yuan-2000Between the yuan, the economic category) hangs on the ear, the appearance is light and beautiful, no other wires interfere, and it is convenient for the elderly to move freely.

c.In-ear hearing aid (for severe deafness)60Older than the age of

d.Ear canal hearing aid (price is1500yuan-4000Between yuan Economic type/Medium to high range) suitable40-70The middle-aged and elderly people of the age show that the appearance is beautiful and concealed, and the wearing effect is good. The sound is three-dimensional.

e.Deep ear canal (price is in2500yuan-5000Between yuan Economic/In the high-end category) Description: The shape is very small, like the size of peanuts, hidden in the depths of the ears. Excellent concealment and outstanding machine wear.

6. If the buyer already holds an audiogram or an examination report of the elderly, the fitting process will be more scientific. As long as the audiogram is transmitted to the seller for analysis, scientific recommendations and suggestions can be obtained. Generally this way is ready to buy custom (ear canal)/Deep ear canal) is especially necessary for buyers of hearing aids. According to the above steps to ask and answer, it is basically good to judge what kind of hearing aid the elderly need. Therefore, the buyer should answer carefully to ensure that you purchase hearing aids elderly or family members are definitely suitable and can achieve good listening results. In addition to the benefits of the price, get real professional guidance, buy a good hearing aid products!

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