How to choose a hearing aid is more suitable for yourself

There are many hearing aid brands on the market today, such as: “Pengli, Resound, Starck, Siemens, Lisheng, Oticon, Oscar, Unicorn, etc. Which brand of hearing aids is better? First, Choosing the right brand. We need to understand the hearing aid manufacturers, which manufacturer is the hearing aid industry, no matter from the research and development institutions, manufacturers scale, product quality, technical level, after-sales service, etc., we have four brands in the Chinese market: Fengli , Resound, Starck, Siemens, these four brands are relatively good in the hearing aid industry, each brand of hearing aids have its own unique characteristics, you need to see the patient’s own hearing loss to choose the match The hearing aids of the manufacturers are more suitable for hearing aids for their own hearing. The sound quality of the hearing aids is different, and the effects are different. Therefore, it is not easy to choose a hearing aid that is more suitable for you. It is not easy for everyone to wear the hearing aids. The most important thing is to see the patient’s hearing loss and speech resolving ability, in order to determine the patient’s effect on listening to the sound. At the beginning, wearing a hearing aid may not be able to understand clearly. It takes a long time to wear and slowly adapt to the sound heard in different environments. Under normal circumstances, it will probably be fully adapted to this hearing aid in about half a year. We must firmly believe that hearing aids will wear better. Listening to the sounds that we could not hear before, from the silent world to the sound world. We can hear the beautiful sounds of nature and communicate with family and friends to improve the quality of life. .


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