You first need to choose a formal, large-scale, financially strong, high-pitched fitting shop, this careful point can be fixed.

    You need to find a patient fitter. Many store fittings will be very enthusiastic at the beginning, but you should pay attention to the details. The real good fitter, her (he) eyes will always be clear and bright, there is Warm, you just have to pay attention to it. You need to have an ideal expectation for your hearing. To what extent your hearing loss is, I believe your doctor has told you, so when you decide to wear a hearing aid, please lower your expectations. You should pay attention to the fact that the hearing aid is not as expensive as possible. It is best for you. Here, the ear-back hearing aid is bigger because of its large size. It is suitable for severe hearing loss. The ear type is small and concealed. You often go out to use sports. After the hearing aid is selected, you need to take your warranty card for a few months. Because the machine will bring you some sounds that you could not hear before. You need to get used to this sound, just like getting used to your tinnitus.

Link:How to choose a hearing aid clinic?

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