Hearing aids are divided into different categories. The suitability of hearing aid depends on your hearing loss. Nowadays, amazon  hearing aids selling well.

Common hearing aids are divided into four categories:

Complete in the ear canal hearing aid (CIC)

In the Ear canal hearing aid (ITC)

In-the-ear hearing aid (ITE)

Behind-the-ear hearing aid (BTE)

Complete In ear canal hearing aid (CIC)

The complete ear canal hearing aid is the smallest hearing aid and is very concealed. This type of hearing aid is only suitable for people with large enough ear canal space.

In general, full ear canal hearing aids are suitable for people with mild and moderate hearing loss.

In the Ear canal hearing aid (ITC)

Ear canal hearing aids are slightly larger than full ear canal hearing aids. In general, ear canal hearing aids are suitable for people with mild and moderate hearing loss.

In-the-ear hearing aid (ITE)

In-the-ear hearing aids are bulky because they require a larger receiver; at the same time, such hearing aids provide more functionality. Compared with full ear canal hearing aids (CIC) and ear canal hearing aids (ITC), in-ear hearing aids are more convenient to use and more suitable for the crowd.

Behind-the-ear hearing aid (BTE)

The electronics of the behind-the-ear hearing aids are assembled in a small box behind the ear. Due to its sturdy design concept, this type of hearing aid is especially recommended for children. The type of behind-the-ear hearing aids is also very broad, including people with severe hearing loss. Although placed outside the ear, it is still very hidden. The most advanced ear-receiver hearing aids are placed in the ear canal rather than behind the ear. This reduces the size of the hearing aid and reduces the echo.




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