Recently, there has been an increase in hearing loss people over the age of 60. The old man at home has recently spoken loudly, easy to fight, and is also prone to temper? If such performance is to be taken seriously, it may be suggesting that the hearing of the elderly is declining.

On March 3rd, the national “love ear day” is also the international “love ear day”. Let us talk about the hearing loss related to age and organ aging. What should the elderly do if they refuse to use hearing aids?

According to national standards, the degree of hearing loss is divided into the following six categories.

1. Normal hearing: less than 25dB (decibel). It belongs to the normal hearing range.

2. Mild hearing loss: 25 to 40 dB. The patient does not or only feels a slight hearing loss and generally does not affect verbal communication skills.

3. Moderate hearing loss: 41 to 55 dB. In the environment of a little distance, background noise, and collective conversation, you will find that you can’t hear clearly; the TV volume is louder; the snoring phenomenon appears, and the hearing resolution begins to decrease.

4. Moderate to severe hearing loss: 56 to 70 dB. Hearing for large conversations and car sounds.

5. Severe hearing loss: 71 to 90 dB. Patients can hear loud voices or conversations at close range and even discern ambient noise or vowels, but not consonants.

6. Very severe hearing loss: greater than 90dB. Patients can’t just rely on hearing to communicate with others, and they need lip reading and body language help.

Older people with hearing impairment have worse thinking and memory than those with normal hearing. Hearing loss, the brain’s stimulation of the sound is reduced, and it takes more energy to process the sound, thus sacrificing some of the energy originally used to deal with memory and thinking. In the long run, the thinking ability and memory of the elderly will decline. In life, the elderly will have difficulties in communication, reduced communication, etc., until they lose their social interest, gradually isolate themselves from the outside world, become dumb and inferior.

Therefore, when the hearing loss of the elderly is found, the family should take the elderly to the hospital for otolaryngology, head and neck surgery in time ( routine medical inquiry, ear examination, and pure tone hearing threshold test) to find out the cause of hearing loss.

Maggie Wu

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