Is it effective to wear a top hearing aid?

The working principle of the hearing aid is to amplify the external sound and then transmit it to the inner ear. The inner ear converts the sound wave into a nerve impulse and transmits it to the brain through the auditory nerve. Therefore, if the hearing aid can function, the inner ear-auditory-audio center system needs to have basic functions. If the injury site is in the external auditory canal or middle ear, the hearing aid can help the patient improve their hearing. Of course, if the external ear canal or middle ear can be repaired by surgery, it is possible that the patient does not need to wear a hearing aid.

If the inner ear-audio-sense central region is damaged, whether the hearing aid can function depends on the degree of hearing loss. When the hearing loss exceeds the power range of the hearing aid, it is impossible to perform the fitting. Sudden deafness is recommended as soon as possible. Hearing loss occurs in the short term, and the mildness is from mild to full. It can be temporary or permanent. The sooner the treatment of abruptness is better, the cause of the disease can be found as far as possible to find out the cause, in order to achieve better results. If you can’t recover your hearing after treatment, you can improve it by wearing a hearing aid, but the effect varies from person to person. It is recommended that you go to the regular hearing aid fitting center for inspection and matching, and wear it as early as possible to protect residual hearing.

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