How to carry out voice training for children wearing hearing aids

In order for a deaf child to express a certain speech, first of all, he must have a correct understanding of the speech. The feasible method is that the deaf children repeatedly obtain various places of sight, hearing, touch and other stimuli while the language is The combination of meanings promotes the development of the understanding ability of the children’s spoken language.

2.Express speech

On the basis of training the deaf children to master certain words and vocabulary, focus on the rehabilitation of deaf children’s language expression ability, cultivate their ability to learn to speak and love to speak, let them from the simple acceptance stage to the imitation stage, the suggestion stage, and finally to The gradual development of the stage, the real rehabilitation can be heard, and not dumb. Understanding speech and expressing speech throughout speech training, the two complement each other. Speech training should be easy and difficult. For example, in vocabulary training, you should choose vocabulary that is easy to understand: such as children and things that children like, daily necessities, toys that are often seen, often played, articulated, pronounced Less difficult words, etc. The order of vocabulary training should first learn material nouns, then learn common verbs, followed by other words, such as adjectives and adverbs. Then, the training of sentences should start from the beginning of the phrase, and then from the simple sentence to the training process of the compound sentence. Finally, let the deaf children learn the whole paragraph of speech, using children’s songs and small stories.


The contents of the auditory speech training described above: that is, auditory training, pronunciation training, and speech training, are not independent, but a continuous, intersecting process, which are mutually dependent and mutually reinforcing, and cannot be neglected. And in the training should be interactive, go hand in hand. Speech training should pay attention to creating a good language environment, which not only helps the children understand and master the language at the time, but also enables the deaf to learn the transfer and generation of the language. The same language may be different in different environments. The meaning of this may be more difficult for the deaf children. It is only possible to understand the deaf children by placing them in a certain environment. By creating a specific language environment and making full use of various senses such as sight and touch, the deaf children can Learn and master the language better, and then use the language.

In the process of auditory speech training, parents are the closest, most accessible and most trusted people, and the first teacher of the deaf children. Most of the time of the deaf children is spent with the parents, so there are Parental involvement has a direct impact on the effectiveness of deaf rehabilitation.

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