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(I) significance of hearing training

1. Auditory training can promote the development of auditory function. The function of human organs is “use into discard”, so is the function of hearing-impaired children. Hearing training is a kind of training that can stimulate the hearing organs of hearing-impaired children in a planned way, and establish stimulation connections, so as to gradually form the concept of hearing. It can stimulate the deaf children to realize the existence and importance of sound, and they are more and more used to use hearing to perceive and recognize the surrounding things, so as to promote the development of hearing function.

2. Hearing training is the necessary foundation for the formation and development of sound language for hearing-impaired children.

3. Hearing training can help deaf children to understand the world around them.

4. Hearing training plays an important role in enriching and cultivating the emotion of deaf children.

(II) purpose of hearing training

The purpose of hearing training is to develop and utilize the residual hearing or reconstruct the hearing system to the greatest extent through the purposeful and planned hearing function training under the condition of wearing hearing aids or cochlear implants, so as to cultivate the good listening habits, feelings and discrimination of hearing impaired children , the ability to remember and understand sounds, so as to cultivate their speech hearing, and then to obtain sound language.

Specifically, the purpose of auditory training includes the following aspects:

1. Help the deaf children to establish the concept of sound and make them understand various sounds in their living environment.

2. To improve the ability of using residual hearing to distinguish different sounds.

3. Cooperate with speech training, let the deaf children use hearing when they start to learn to speak or communicate with the surrounding people.

4. Help the deaf children to establish the voice language, develop the listening habits, and learn to use the auditory feedback to further learn the language.

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