Hearing aid How to adjust the volume[How to adjust the button]

I often hear that some parents complain that the child is not obedient. When playing with his companions, he calls him not to agree. Other children have heard it, and his child just ignores it. This is actually a misunderstanding of the child because it is affected by many factors, when using the microphone input method, Hearing aid The effective distance is one meter to one and a half meters, beyond which the hearing aid effect will be greatly reduced. Usually the best distance for traditional hearing aids is1-2Meter; the optimal distance between a directional hearing aid and some programmed hearing aids is2-3Meter; the optimal distance between a partially programmed hearing aid and an audio zoom hearing aid is4-5米。

After understanding this truth, we should not only blame the child for being disobedient but also pay attention to the fact that when the aunt learns to speak, the distance between the two cannot exceed one and a half meters. At the same time, it should be noted that if the child is only wearing a hearing aid, he should try to communicate with him on the side of the hearing aid wearing the ear.

Hearing aid The volume switch controls the volume of the hearing aid. The logo is different depending on the type of hearing aid. Some use1,2,3,4Some use3,6,9Some is represented by I, II, and III, but regardless of the representation method, the output sound increases as the number increases. In order to ensure the clarity of the amplified sound, Hearing aid Try not to open the maximum volume, generally use the full volume1 / 2-2 / 3It is better.

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