How to adjust the hearing aid itself

The hearing aid is a precision instrument that assists humans in collecting and organizing sounds. Like the fine instruments such as piano and violin, if you use it for a long time, you need to constantly debug and maintain it to play beautiful music. Below, Xiaobian will introduce you to the solution to ensure the sound quality of the hearing aid.

If you have just purchased or just repaired the hearing aid, you may feel that the sound is not good due to improper program settings and adjustments, or aging of the hearing aid accessories.

Program settings and adjustments:


1. Hearing aids with fine-tuning settings, such as the fine adjustment of the new machine or the maintenance machine after leaving the factory, are set to the initial state. such as”GThe setting of the fine adjustment is set in the middle position (other fine adjustments are set at the maximum after leaving the factory), which can be adjusted according to the degree of hearing loss.G“The maximum setting of the fine adjustment will cause the howling or volume button to be invalid; otherwise it will cause silence or sound.

Such as:”G“The fine-tuned red dot points to the middle position

NH“with”MPO“pointing to the biggest place

Fine-tuning can be adjusted according to different degrees of hearing loss, such as direct wear can affect the sound effect or howling. In case of problems, it is recommended to adjust to the local professional Siemens hearing aid fitting center or refer to the product manual for adjustment.

2. Hearing aids with computer programming, the sound of the hearing aid after the repair, the sound quality is unclear, the feeling is harsh or the noise is high because the sensitivity of the new parts replaced is improved. If you encounter problems, it is recommended to go to the local authorized fitting center for debugging.

Hearing aid attachment aging and other issues:

All products have an aging cycle, it is recommended that you regularly check the hearing aid accessories (ear hooks)/导管/耳塞/Ear mold): if there is ear oil in the catheter/The earwax must be replaced with a catheter, such as water drops in the catheter and ear hooks, and cleaned regularly./Earplugs to avoid causing sound problems or damage to ear hooks and receivers.

Regular cleansing of the ear canal: For those with severe ear canal secretions and otitis, the earwax must be cleaned daily with a cotton swab. Avoid ear clogging of earplugs and catheters.

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