How to adapt the newly bought hearing aids as soon as possible

Many elderly people with poor hearing feel very uncomfortable when they wear hearing aids for the first time. Some will feel that the world has become very noisy, and some people will feel that the voices of others will change their tone, and some will feel that they are talking. The sound becomes like the sound of a microphone. These have a certain relationship with the fitting and debugging of hearing aids. But more is the first time to wear a hearing aid to have a process of adaptation. Let’s talk about how the elderly can do it themselves to adapt to the new hearing aid as soon as possible.


1. Before wearing a hearing aid, the elderly with hearing loss are in a “quiet environment” for a long time. The basic principle of the hearing aid is to amplify the sound. Therefore, once worn, many noisy environments can make people feel uncomfortable and irritated. In my heart, I will not even be willing to wear it. Therefore, when the elderly wear the hearing aid for the first time, the volume must be moderately adjusted. When the general fitter adjusts, the sound should be placed in our normal person.70%After the slow adaptation, add the loudness of the sound.

Second, when you start wearing, wear the first day2Hours, the next day3Hours, third day4Hours, and so on, time Slowly extend. This is because the sound heard by the initial hearing aid is different from the sound heard by the original hearing. Therefore, it is necessary for the elderly to wear hearing aids.1 – 3The adaptation period of the month. The wearing time of the hearing aid should not be too long during the adaptation period. After the habits of your own people, gradually extend the wearing time.

3. When the hearing aid is communicated with the family, ask the other party to slow down. The voice is slower. Because some older people have relatively poor verbal comprehension skills, it is possible to say a word, they have not had time to react, the next sentence comes, so if we speak more slowly. When the elderly are communicating, the brain has a “buffering” process. The statement is simpler to speak in order to better understand the words.

Fourth, due to prolonged hearing loss, speech understanding ability is poor, because after wearing a hearing aid, the elderly can read the newspaper every day, while reading, while letting themselves listen, this is a good method of training. It also helps the elderly to control their own pronunciation intensity and adjust it to the appropriate volume.

Fifth, the first listen to a simple, familiar voice, such as the doorbell ringing, closing the door, the sound of running water, and other complex listening activities such as speech communication.

Do not rush to wear a hearing aid. Be patient and confident to adapt to the discomfort that the initial hearing aid may bring. In addition, the elderly wearing hearing aids must go to the formal hearing aid fitting center for hearing detection and hearing aid fitting. In fact, the most important thing to wear a hearing aid is persistence. Only in this way can we really improve the problems caused by hearing degradation. Of course, the “confusion” proposed by the article switch will also be solved.

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