Old people with hearing problems should wear as early as possibleHearing aid

Hearing loss and tinnitus are among the most common chronic conditions in the elderly. The reason for the decline in hearing loss in the elderly is the deterioration of auditory organ function. Some patients cannot hear clearly, and even severe cases are even full. usually6575Among the elderly, the incidence rate is as high as60%about. Hearing and fitting tester said that the decline of auditory function is irreversible, but long-term wearHearing aidCan slow down the rate of degradation.


When the elderly find that there is a problem with hearing, they should seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Otherwise, the longer the hearing loss, the worse the response of the brain’s hearing center to sound. Need to wearHearing aidYou should choose your own hearing aid as soon as possible, and start language training to prevent hearing and language resolution from continuing to decline. However, wearing a hearing aid also has a scope of application, “average hearing loss in speech frequency40-90dBCan be used between, the loss exceeds90dBIt is basically a state of fullness, and wearing a hearing aid has no meaning. ”

In addition, unilateral deafness generally does not require a hearing aid. For both sides of the deafness, if the loss of the two ears is about the same, the binaural hearing aid can be used or the single ear hearing aid can be worn on the left and right ears; if the hearing loss of the two ears is different, but they are not exceeded.50dBShould be used with poor hearing ears; if one ear has more hearing loss50dB, should be better to wear hearing ears.

Hearing aids are different from general merchandise and require a strict selection procedure. Unsuitable hearing aids can cause serious injury to the patient. The correct method of selection should be, after detailed examination by the ear doctor, to the professional hearing aid matching center, the professional staff will perform the fitting.


由于存在听觉分辨能力差别的问题,患者验配助听器应有一个切实的期望值:即Hearing aid能帮助老年人改善目前窘迫的听觉状况,但无法使听力恢复原有水平。


Hearing aid出现故障的原因,很大程度是使用不当造成:一是耳垢堵塞助听器出声孔。这时应使用刷子每天对出声孔进行清洁,并定期清洁、清除耳垢耳屑;二是受潮,如果佩戴时出汗或环境潮湿,最好放在干燥盒内进行干燥;三是剧烈震动。平时使用应避免摔跌或碰撞助听器,不使用时应放入包装盒内。

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