How should the hearing aid be protected from moisture?Hearing aid moisture protection tips

As people’s quality of life improves, more and more hearing-impaired people choose hearing aids to improve communication. However, why some people’s hearing aids can be used for many years, and some people’s hearing aids often “fire alarms”Don’t go back to the factory for repairs, or the sound is not as clear as it was at the beginning?

Hearing aids are high-precision medical devices made up of electronic components. They are high-end electronics and there are many things to note about during use. The key to the maintenance and maintenance of hearing aids is: moisture, dust and vibration. Today we will discuss how to prevent moisture.


1.What kind of moisture do you often encounter when wearing a hearing aid every day? The source of moisture?

I believe that everyone notices swimming, bathing, washing their hair, washing their face, raining, etc. Morning or mist, summer or dry air caused by sweat, do not use for weeks, battery removal or use of inferior batteries, some people may not pay attention to leaks;When the humidity is high, the moisture in the air will be more invasive, and there are other things.Eruption, washing clothes, kitchen steam, etc.

2.What should I do if there are no tides in the hearing aid?

Don’t worry, all you have to do is dry the hearing aid and seal it dry and dry bag or dry bottle. Maybe tomorrow is good, even if it is good, you should continue to absorb residual water every night.;If you have any problems, please hand them over to the professional as soon as possible, otherwise the water will quickly corrode the equipment and the motherboard. .

3With so much moisture, what should I do?

Prevention, prevention and prevention. In addition to irresistible intrusions, such as moisture in the air, most of the moisture can be prevented, even if there is a lot of sweat in the summer, such as paying attention to sweating and avoiding wet hands touching the hearing aid is easy to do, know that sweat has salt than it is electronic equipment and circuits The board is more corrosive, which is why hearing aids are prone to problems in the summer. As for alkaline battery leakage, the impact on hearing aids is greater. Isn’t it easy to remove the battery?

4.Is it necessary to remove the battery every night and put the hearing aid into a dry bag or a dry bottle?

If it is convenient, you should do this. Medical collection stations in major cities, photographic equipment and pharmacies should have them. Please note that some desiccants are disposable and need to be replaced in approximately two months;Repeated use of the desiccant will change the color, reminding you that the desiccant needs to be dried or dried before reuse. Yes, be sure to put it in a sealed or sealed bottle.6.Is the behind-the-ear hearing aid less humid than the in-ear hearing aid?

Yes, the position of the hearing aid is more likely to be affected by moisture behind the ear and relatively less susceptible to moisture. This is also an advantage of an in-ear machine.

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