How much is the hearing aid battery?Hearing aid battery price]

Mainstream battery brands:

1, Import: American Leite battery (for Australian cochlear approval), the price is about 5 yuan / grain

2Import: American Energizer Battery (special for the US cochlea), the price is about 5 yuan / grain, however, the new products of the American cochlea have used lithium rechargeable batteries in recent years.

3, Import: Germany POWER ONE, can be used in Australia and Austria cochlea, the price is about 6 yuan / grain

4, domestic: Zhuhai to force battery, can be used in Australia and Austria cochlea, the price is about 2 yuan / grain


There is no need to buy imported or domestically produced batteries, and freely choose according to the individual’s economic affordability. The local hearing and hearing center and the versatile Taobao are available.

Some manufacturers’ problems with hearing aid battery purchases;

Purchases must pay attention to the date on the battery pack to understand the effective time of the battery, to ensure that the battery remains sealed before use. Because the battery is only activated when it is in full contact with air. When the new battery is first used, it may take a few seconds for the cochlea to be fully loaded.

1. Why do senior hearing aids use zinc-air batteries?

The zinc-air battery uses oxygen in the air as the positive electrode material, so it is no longer necessary to put it in the battery, and there is room for more negative electrode material in the battery. Therefore, its capacity is 3-10 times higher than other batteries, which is the highest among all practical battery systems. The battery also has the advantages of stable working voltage and low noise, and is the best power source for the ear-back, in-ear and ear canal advanced hearing aids.

2. How to judge the true and false of the zinc air hearing aid battery? What is the difference between it and other batteries?

This battery must have air when it is working, so there must be at least one venting hole in the battery case. The air holes are glued at the factory and peeled off when used. In addition, its open circuit voltage is lower when the air vent is closed, and higher when the air vent is clear, and all other batteries do not have this feature.

3. How long does a battery last? What is the international standard?

The actual battery life is related to the type of hearing aid, the power of amplification, the degree of personal hearing loss, the daily use time and the volume adjusted during use. The difference is very large. In general, the larger the battery used for the hearing aid, the smaller the hearing loss and the longer the use time.

4. Should the battery be placed in a dry box with the hearing aid every night?

Zinc air batteries are susceptible to environmental influences. The optimum humidity is about 60%. Too dry or too humid will shorten the use time. When the summer rainy season or the southern spring rainy season is wet, the battery compartment should be opened every night and the battery and the hearing aid should be placed in the dry box. Under normal or dry conditions, do not put the battery in a dry box at night to avoid excessive drying. In most parts of northern China, batteries do not need to be dried throughout the year.

5. When the battery runs out or there is no power, is it necessary to take it out of the hearing aid immediately?

A battery that is used up or unpowered will be over-discharged in the hearing aid, which can easily cause the battery to leak or over-expand and must be removed immediately.

6. What else should I pay attention to when using a zinc air hearing aid battery?

Do not let children play with the battery, do not swallow the belly, do not charge, do not put into the fire, do not short circuit.

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