How much is the electronic cochlea?Wearing electronic cochlear costs

First of all, check the cost of the diagnosis. about1500-3000Yuan or so. Specifically, it includes registration fee, medical treatment fee and the following item-by-item examination of pure tone hearing threshold, otoacoustic emission, auditory brainstem evoked potential, multi-frequency steady state, acoustic impedance test, middle earCT, inner ear magnetic resonance, etc.

The time spent on these tests can be completed in one day, but it may take a week or a few weeks to consider appointments, registered visits, etc., and some inspection results also need to wait for the hospital to issue.


Then there is the cost of the cochlear implant device after the diagnosis. The choice of cochlear implants mainly include domestic brands of cochlear implants and foreign brands of cochlear implants.

Domestic brands of cochlear implants are generally6-10Between ten thousand, the market price is7-8Most of the million. Foreign brands of cochlear implants are generally12-30Millions, depending on the order of the market and the different combinations of implants and processors, the quotations vary. Most of the transaction price is15-20Million, is the domestic cochlea2-3More than double. The brands that have entered mainland China now have the United States.ABCochlear implant (also known as bionic leading company), Austrian cochlear implant (also known as the American flute), Australian cochlear implant.

I will talk about the cost of surgery later. After the selection of equipment, it needs to be implanted. Cochlear implant surgery is currently only implemented in a small number of top three hospitals and hospitals with strong otology expertise in China. This operation requires hospitalization, and it needs to be observed after surgery.5-10Around the day, the overall cost is generally1-2Between 10,000, depending on the actual situation of the hospital.

This article only talks about cochlear implant surgery in mainland China. For some operations outside the country, readers can compare according to the other party’s quotation.

Finally, the cost of post-maintenance. After cochlear implantation, it is generally required30Boot up around the day. After booting up, you need a button battery or a rechargeable battery to keep the extracorporeal machine working. The rechargeable battery is slightly larger. Some implanters often use replaceable button batteries for convenience. The battery capacity is required every month, and the half-box of domestic batteries is used.50-60Yuan, if importedHearing aid batteryHalf of the box,150-200yuan.

And depending on the condition of the rehabilitation, the implanter needs to adjust the machine regularly. Some brands do not charge for the machine, some adjust the machine every time200-600Yuan does not wait.

The wires of the extracorporeal machine are easily damaged and require careful maintenance. The battery compartment needs to be kept clean and moisture-proof. When replacing the battery, you need to wipe it frequently and pay attention to the drying process. The price of the later accessories of domestic brands is relatively low. Most foreign brands are more reasonable, but some foreign brands have a wire.2000Diversified.

Generally, the first year6Secondary adjustment machine, one cable per half year of use fee, plus battery and other costs, the cost of use is2000-8000Left and right, there will be differences depending on the brand and whether it is worn out.

The above is a brief introduction of the expenditures required for each link. If combined with local medical insurance and rural cooperative reimbursement, it can offset some of them, and even some areas can do it for free.

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