Can hearing aids and electronic cochlear batteries be mixed?

1,The reality is that10Many years ago, there was no special battery for cochlear implants on the market. At that time, the cochlear ear-back machine (mainly the Australian ear-back sound processor) needed to be used.3Festival675The battery is used to supply power. All used are specially made for hearing aids.1.4vBattery (measured in non-operating state voltage is1.45-1.5vBetween), the effect is the same as the original lithium battery.

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2,The cochlear implant processor on the market has a wide operating voltage range and low working conditions.1.5v(use one sectionAA5Battery) ,High to close5v(3Festival675Or3FestivalAA5The battery can make the cochlear implant processor work normally, but the user’s inquiry can know that the listening quality at a higher voltage state will be slightly better. It can be seen that high voltage still has a little advantage when considering portability.

3,One of the smaller battery parameters has a value insidemAH(Large capacity can be usedAH), Usually refers to the capacity of the battery, zinc air675The battery (usually used for hearing aids) has a large capacity650 (Different brand capacities have poor mentor, mostly in600-750mAH), left and right, that is, working under the rated voltage of the battery, if the operating current flowing through the appliance (if it is a hearing aid)2mAH(The hearing aids are mostly in1-2Between), one battery is available for the time650 / 2 = 325Hour (almost14Around day), the working current marked in the cochlear parameters is actually not large, too2mAHLeft and right, but the time it takes to use it is much shorter, and it is actually replaced once.3Festival675The battery (new processor) is mostly in30-40hour,30Hourly, the average hour is almost to be released20More power. Can the battery be released in an hour?20How much is the mAh? generalaaThe battery is almost1000mAh power and high power appliances can be2After the minute is finished (the battery has a discharge rate,cRate), commonly used for hearing aids675Zinc air battery has not found this rate for a long time, but according to experience, the discharge rate per hour is much larger than30mAh.

4,In summary, in fact, hearing aids on the market675Battery and cochlear implant675The batteries are all zinc-air batteries, if the discharge rate is greater than one hour30At mAh, there is no essential difference between the two when they are used on cochlear implants and hearing aids.

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