Can hearing aids and electronic cochlear batteries be mixed?

With the rapid development of modern digital technology, the power of hearing aids and electronic cochleas is also increasing, and the functions are becoming more and more complex, and the power supply that guarantees its stable operation—-The battery requirements are getting more and more demanding! All along, the auditory hearers heard that many parents are entangled in hearing aid batteries and electronic cochlear batteries can be mixed? How to choose a variety of batteries? How to judge the pros and cons of the battery?


First of all, parents should be clear that the electronic cochlear should use the battery for the electronic cochlear. Different electronic products have different current and voltage requirements, and the current value of the electronic cochlear work is generally1.2-1.9mAThe current value of the hearing aid is generally1-1.5mA.Because of the difference in coding chips, the power consumption of the electronic cochlea is usually greater than that of the hearing aid. If the common hearing aid battery is used in the electronic cochlear implant, the cochlea may be in a low-power working state, and there may be a situation in which the sound is intermittent, and the parents often cannot detect it in time. Therefore, many electronic cochlear implant users report that the sound of the special battery for the cochlea is larger and clearer, which is actually the working state of the cochlear implant under high power state. In order to ensure the stable and efficient operation of the electronic cochlear, the battery for the electronic cochlear should be selected.

Some parents ask: Can high-power hearing aids use electronic cochlear batteries?

Both the electronic cochlear battery and the hearing aid battery are zinc-air batteries. The electronic cochlear battery has a more stable voltage and current output, and is fully compliant with the hearing aids. It can be used with confidence. However, due to the characteristics of the battery design, the cochlear battery of the same size may be used for a shorter period of time than the hearing aid battery.

Because the electrocochlear battery has a larger discharge current, the size of the vent hole will be larger than that of the hearing aid battery. The large pores can react with a large amount of oxygen, so the self-discharge is faster after tearing off the sticker, compared with the conventional hearing aid battery. The size and size of the cochlear battery are faster because the aperture is larger, so the use time will be shorter. The hearing aid battery has a slightly smaller aperture and a longer discharge time. It is not possible to determine the pros and cons of the battery based solely on the length of discharge of the battery. Now some high-power digital high-end digital hearing aids, because of the high energy consumption of the function, the use of ordinary zinc-air batteries may even have a short-sounding “stolen stop” situation, you can use higher-end imported electronic cochlear battery to ensure full sound output Fully functional to play the powerful features of high-tech hearing aids!

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