How much is the electronic cochlea?Electronic cochlear price

The cochlear implant is functionally a neurological compensation system. It can also be regarded as a primary stage of the brain-computer interface (not directly connected to the brain, but can be exchanged with the human perception system). It is also the most successful artificial function. . In terms of technical content and social significance, several major contributors are also popular candidates for the Nobel Prize. Such an epoch-making invention with a high price is understandable. From research and development to implantation, the main cost of a cochlear implant can be divided into three aspects: research and development, production and sales. The disciplines involved in cochlear implants are diverse, such as neuroscience, cognitive science, electronic circuits, biomedical engineering, signal processing, materials science, clinical medicine, etc., so a complete cochlear development team must cover Experts in all fields (basically experts at the national level or doctoral level at the prestigious level), and experts who understand the entire system system should be co-ordinated. From this point, there are not many countries in the world that can do it. Such a team is certainly not cheap, so the cost of research and development of the cochlea, especially in the early stage, is very high. Then there is the manufacturing cost. The cochlear implant is divided into two parts, in vitro and in vivo. For extracorporeal machines, power saving, durability, and waterproof are important quality indicators. This puts high demands on all accessories and manufacturing processes such as batteries, connecting wires, and outer casings. The implants in the body are even worse, because they are permanently implanted in the patient’s body, so there are extremely high requirements for sealing, safety and biocompatibility. Many materials (coil electrodes) Silk, etc.) is also a precious metal used. It can be said that it is a very expensive process to create very expensive raw materials, so the cost can be imagined. And most of these raw materials are also available to the world’s top suppliers. Finally, the cost of sales. The retail channels of cochlear implants are mainly major hospitals, the most important of which is the chief physician of the top three hospitals.


A new cochlear implant product, from birth, to free gift, to someone who wants to use it, to form a word of mouth, and finally to completely open the market, the bright and dark sales cost to be spent during the period is also huge. In summary, the current price of cochlear implants is almost inevitable. Of course, with the maturity of technology, the addition of more manufacturers, the reduction in the price of cochlear implants, and more people can use, will certainly be achieved.

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