How long does the hearing aid battery last??

The actual use time of the hearing aid battery is related to the hearing aid model, power, amplification gain, user’s environment, daily use time, volume adjusted during use, and some Bluetooth auxiliary device usage time. In general, the smaller the hearing loss of the same model battery, the smaller the gain, and the quieter the surrounding environment, the longer the battery will last.

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From the actual use of clinical understanding,675Type battery is generally used15Around day,13AType battery is generally used10Around day,312Type battery is generally used7Around day,10AType battery is generally used3-5day.

Every new battery is opened and we will find a seal attached to the positive pole of the battery. Why do you want to seal it?

The key to preserving the zinc-air battery before use is the seal. Unless the battery is ready for use immediately, the battery positive seal cannot be removed.

The simulation test shows that the battery for the unsealing bar drops at room temperature after one year of storage.95%, after two years of storage, the power dropped to90%, after four years of storage, the battery still has85%.

After the seal is removed, the battery will be activated and start working. When the room temperature is not connected to the load, according to different battery sizes,3To12Battery power drops after week50%,exceed20Weekly power drops to0-10%. Therefore, the zinc-air battery is suitable for applications where the battery is consumed within a few weeks.

There are quite a few more economical users who will stick the battery seals at night without hearing aids. It is useless to know that this is not necessary. Once the seal of the zinc-vacuum battery is torn off, the air enters the interior to activate the electrochemical reaction. At this point, even if the seal is attached, the electrochemical reaction will continue until the battery is exhausted.

There are also many users who have consulted whether the hearing aid battery needs to be placed in a dry box with the hearing aid:

Zinc air battery is relatively easy to be affected by the environment, the best use humidity is60%Left and right, too dry or too moist will shorten the use time.

When the summer rainy season or the southern spring rainy season is wet, the battery compartment should be opened every night and the battery and the hearing aid should be placed in the dry box. Under normal or dry conditions, do not put the battery in a dry box at night to avoid excessive drying. In most parts of northern China, batteries do not need to be dried throughout the year. It should be noted that many users have equipped their hearing aids with electronic drying boxes. The hearing aid batteries should not be placed in the electronic drying box to dry.

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