How long does it take for the hearing aid to be worn every day?

New friends who wear hearing aids may not know how long the hearing aids are worn every day. When the hearing aids are first worn, there will be more or less uncomfortable and uncomfortable wearing. In the stage of adapting the hearing aid, the principle of step-by-step can be adopted in the wearing time of the hearing aid. The wearing time is shortly worn, and the wearing time is gradually increased. After the hearing aid is adapted, it is recommended that the hearing aid should be worn by the hearing-impaired patient in addition to the sleeping time. Adaptation methods for adults wearing hearing aids:


1When I first started wearing a hearing aid, I was wearing it indoors for the first week.(every day13Hours).

2Increase the wear time after one week or half a month later,You can wear a hearing aid to walk around the park, (every day6-8hour).

3Wearing a hearing aid for a month or so, you can wear a hearing aid to enter a public place. When you are wearing a hearing aid to talk with family and friends, speak slowly, and the statement is simpler to avoid excessive fatigue (it is recommended to wear a hearing aid in addition to sleep time).

4After wearing a hearing aid, if you feel that it is difficult to hear each word, you can increase the gain of the hearing aid appropriately, but avoid noise caused by excessively large, and it is better to use a close-range low-frequency communication method.

5Due to the long-term hearing loss, the language function will also be affected. Therefore, the patient wearing the hearing aid should exercise the reading intensity every day to control the intensity of the pronunciation and adjust it to the appropriate volume.

6Finally, listen to the radio and TV broadcasts, don’t pursue too high, understand.

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