How does the hearing aid look?Hearing aid appearance[image]Details

The appearance of hearing aids is mainly divided into three types. The first one is a box type machine. The most traditional and old-fashioned one is a small box that drags a line. It is extremely inconvenient to wear at ordinary times, but the power of this machine is too large, which is very suitable for conductivity. The user of the extremely heavy loss of deafness. The second type is the behind-the-ear hearing aid. The ear-back type is divided into two types. One of them can be said to be a standard type hearing aid. If the user only wears one, it can be switched to the left and right, but it is also required by the fitter according to the left and right hearing. Figure to debug, you can not switch privately. The other is an external receiver-type hearing aid, which removes the speaker separately and places it in the ear, so the appearance of the machine is relatively small and concealed. Comfortable to wear, more popular in recent years. The third type is a custom-made hearing aid, which is divided into an in-ear type, an ear canal type, and a deep ear canal type. The appearance is also a smaller one. These are made according to the user’s ear canal, and are worn more. Confession, but also more concealed, especially deep ear canal.


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