Cross-linked hearing aid-Cross-linked hearing aid picture

There are two types of cross-linked hearing aids:1Single-sided cross-linked hearing aid: This kind of hearing aid uses signal transmission line, referred to asCROS.Adapted to patients with normal hearing on one side or near normal, and severe hearing loss on the other side. The hearing aid is worn on the ear and the microphone of the hearing aid moves to the poor ear. When the bad ear has a sound signal into the microphone, pass the wire or wirelessFMThe transmitter is transmitted to the contralateral hearing aid, and the ear is used to help identify the sound signal.

(2A two-sided cross-linked hearing aid uses a binaural signal to transmit the line. A patient who is adapted to one side with mild or moderate hearing loss and the other with severe hearing loss. Hearing ears are better to wear hearing aids, poorer ears to wear microphones, wireless between the twoFMconnection. The signals received by the bilateral microphones are transmitted to the hearing aids, amplified and transmitted to the hearing ears, which can be used to sense the sound signals from both sides of the skull.

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