5 month 14 Day, the auditory and sound bridge hearing strategic cooperation signing ceremony was held in Guangzhou Hearing National Operation Management Center. The two sides explored a win-win approach for all cooperation and jointly committed to building a vision of China’s leading listening chain.

In the future, the sense of hearing will be combined with the sound bridge hearing, go hand in hand, complement each other, cooperate and win-win, let more hearing loss people enjoy a better life.

Hearing is a high-end, professional national hearing chain with nearly 30 years of industry experience. There are many 500 inspectors in the service, and the service center is located in many cities in 150 nationwide. The industry is the first to use the expert hearing aid fitting system, customer service management system and WeChat instant response service platform, and abide by “listen, affectionate, have The service concept of “Tao” has brought 10’s 10,000 people with hearing loss back to the world of sound.

Established in 2000, Sound Bridge Hearing is a service organization that provides auditory rehabilitation programs. It has a strong team of professors of otolaryngology, doctors, chief physicians, and a master’s degree in audiology and professional hearing aids. Hearing detection, hearing aid fitting and debugging, effect evaluation, deaf language rehabilitation, tinnitus rehabilitation, hearing protection and many other services.

The same as a large-scale hearing chain, this auditory and sound bridge and smooth strategic cooperation cooperation, will create a new climate for the development of China’s hearing industry.

The hearing aid market in China has great potential. More and more people with hearing loss choose to use hearing aid products. At the same time, they also put forward higher requirements for hearing aids, not only for clear sound quality and comfortable wearing, but also for beautiful appearance and versatility. The needs of users listening in various environments.

American Belling is a world-renowned hearing aid brand. It has more than 75 years of history and advanced audio technology. With its excellent listening experience and powerful wireless connection technology, it has won the trust of users and maintained its leading position in North America. Hearing and Sound Bridge Hearing has always adhered to the strict selection of leading technologies in the global hearing industry, and selected cost-effective hearing products for the benefit of Chinese hearing loss.

Previously, Hearing and Sound Bridge Hearing has been optimized and promoted on the Internet, and a series of activities such as outdoor hearing science publicity and Ai Eryue public welfare have been carried out offline, and the brand influence has been promoted continuously, so that the American Bellcom hearing aid can enter thousands of families. The family brings a wonderful listening experience.

After that, Hearing and Sound Bridge Hearing will use the existing foundations of both parties to seize opportunities in the development of the industry through resource sharing and cooperation propaganda, integrate online and offline resources, and radiate to major cities across the country. We are still at the beginning, insisting on the principle of “choosing the most suitable hearing aid for the hearing loss”, so that more hearing impaired people can enjoy the excellent listening experience brought by advanced technology. The two sides share the service network and provide customers with more convenient services. .

Link:Hearing and sound bridge hearing signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Guangzhou

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