Vibration bridgeVibration sound bridge principleWhat is the vibration sound bridge?

The vibrating acoustic bridge is a new type of middle ear implant device whose “direct drive, middle ear implant” feature defines a new category for hearing aids. Mainly for patients who are unable to wear hearing aids or who are not satisfied with the hearing aids

1, Surgical indications:

(118Adults over the age of one with moderate to severe sensorineural hearing loss.

(2) Experience in wearing traditional hearing aids.

(3) The surgical ear has at least50%The resolution of the correct rate.

(4The middle ear is functioning normally.

2The composition of the vibration sound bridge:

(1The extracorporeal part is a speech processor that is worn under the hair and fixed at a fixed position by the magnet. It includes a microphone, battery and electronic components.

(2The implanted portion of the vibrating acoustic bridge is called an artificial vibrating ossicular implant, and consists of internal coils, magnets, wires, and floating sensors.

3The working principle of the vibration sound bridge:

The vibrating acoustic bridge is a mechanical vibration that directly causes the ear chain to be avoided. The audiologist may compensate for different hearing loss by adjusting and amplifying the vibration energy.

(1 The external sound is picked up by the microphone on the speech processor.

(2 The speech processor is attracted to the implanted coil by magnetic attraction, and the processor converts the ambient acoustic signal into an electrical signal.

(3 Electrical signals are transmitted through the skin to the implanted portion.

(4 The signal continues to be conducted to the floating sensor.

(5 The floating sensor converts the electrical signal into mechanical vibration to directly drive the middle ear ossicular chain to vibrate.

(6 These vibrational energy is transmitted and amplified into the inner ear to the auditory center of the brain.


4Compared with traditional hearing aids, vibrating acoustic bridges have the following advantages:

(1) Better monotonic clarity, better sound quality, the wearer reported that they can hear high-frequency soft sounds, such as music, children’s voices and so on.

(2Higher functional gain to improve speech intelligibility in noisy environments.

(3) Comfortable to wear, beautiful and generous, speech processor can be blocked by hair.

(4No whistling becauseFMTIn the middle ear, stay away from the microphone.

(5The ear canal is open and there is no blocking effect.

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