What is the small sound of the hearing aid?

Hello! This is mainly because of several reasons:

This is the noise floor when the hearing aid works. It is the sound of the hearing aid. But the sound is very small and generally does not cause discomfort. What you hear may be the original sound in the environment. This is not a noise. There are all kinds of small sounds in life, such as the sound of air conditioners, the sound of computer hosts, the sound of electric fans, etc. It is normal to hear this sound, but you may have heard it for a long time due to hearing loss. I can’t get some small sounds. I don’t feel comfortable and uncomfortable. It takes you to adapt slowly. It may be the feedback sound of the hearing aid, that is, howling, if the hearing aid is not taken well or the earplug is not suitable, it needs to go to the special fitting center for debugging and adjustment.


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