This week, GN Hearing and Nordic Hearing Technology Group and China’s newly established hearing retail chain group, Hearing, signed a strategic partnership agreement to promote the world-renowned hearing aid brand with 75 histories in China: American Belton.

The four co-founders who heard the hearing visited GN this week.

Hearing Group’s headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, with GN Hearing Group CEO Anders Hedegaard, CFO MarcusMr. Desimone, Senior Vice President of International Business Bjørn Strømboe Petersen and Mr. Zhao Wei, General Manager of GN Hearing China, signed the agreement.


Great business opportunities for high-speed development

Mr. Anders Hedegaard said on the signing of the agreement: “We are very excited to have a strategic partnership with the auditory. This is one of the most important initiatives in the Chinese market, and it has far-reaching implications. In the past six months. Mr. Zhao Wei, General Manager of China, has established an excellent team to support this strategic cooperation. We are confident in establishing a close and win-win cooperation relationship with new strategic partners.”


Chairman Li Jiugeng, a representative of the hearing, said with a comment: “The current hearing aid market in China is developing rapidly, this time with GN. The strategic cooperation of the Hearing Group coincides with the time and will help the two parties to achieve rapid development together. Danish Andersen’s fairy tale is a household name in China, hope and GN The cooperation of the Hearing Group can turn our Danish fairy tale into a beautiful legend. The two sides expressed their high appreciation to General Manager Wang Xiaogang for promoting the strategic cooperation between the two sides.


In the past two years, the Chinese market has maintained double-digit growth and is an important driving force for the growth of the global hearing industry. The GN Hearing Group is leading the growth of the industry in China. Mr. Zhao Wei, General Manager of GN Hearing China commented: “Hearing has a strong leadership team and quality service system. It is one of the most professional hearing retail chain groups in China. Both of us have a common vision for deepening the development of the Chinese market. That is to jointly promote the development of the industry, benefit the people, people-oriented, and professional achievement care. Hearing and choosing the Nordic Hearing Group as a strategic partner is the trust and recognition of our innovation, execution, and team. The signing of this agreement is A big step towards my common strategic goal.”

Hearing is integrated by four hearing organizations in Sichuan, Shandong, Jiangsu and Guangdong, with more than 110 stores.

Hearing has a national hotline:400-900-5669


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Link:Great Northern Norse Hearing Technology Group and China Xinchuang Hearing Retail Chain Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement

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