Hearing aidMismatching nine misunderstandings

1. Hearing aidThe more expensive the better.

错,Hearing aids are designed according to different user needs.,It is only correct to choose the most suitable machine according to your actual situation..Not the more expensive the better.

2.The greater the power of the hearing aid, the better..

错,General stay10DBThe left and right margins are enough.Unless it is a long-term simulator,a person who is used to loud voices.

3.Hearing aids should be clear on everything..

不对,According to the actual hearing situation of different people.If the language is poorly resolved,Even the best hearing aids need to be gradually adapted.,Gradually getting used to listening in different environments effect.After all, not really ears,Just an ear assistant.

4. Hearing aidHow do you feel the noise?.

Because there is no stimulation of a certain amount of sound for a long time.,Just wearing a hearing aid is very allergic to external sounds.,Especially the sounds in nature that could not be heard are not suitable..this needs Gradually wear from a quiet environment,Gradually stretch the wearing time,A little bit to wear in various environments.

5.Hearing aids with a feeling of ear boring.

Often the problem of the ear plugging effect,Can be solved by opening holes, etc.,But friends with poor high frequency can only gradually overcome,Otherwise, if you open the vent, it will be inevitable..

6.How tight is the hearing aid housing or ear mold?,Feeling pain.

Generally, the outer casing and the ear mold are determined to be loose and tight according to the actual hearing condition..If it is a friend with a heavier hearing loss,Tight tight is necessary.Otherwise feedback will occur.So sometimes you need to Gradually adapt.

7.Friends with steep drop hearing feel that the hearing aid has no obvious magnification. If the amplification is obvious, the low frequency of the hearing aid has been amplified.,Generally this situation only amplifies the high frequency,The high frequency band gives you improved clarity.,The low frequency brings about an increase in sound energy, especially some open fitting machines.,This feeling is especially noticeable.

8. Hearing aidI feel that the hearing aid is very uncomfortable because he has been comparing with the good ear..But if you don’t have a hearing aid,A good side ear will fall due to excessive fatigue.So,It is recommended to use a hearing aid as well..

9. Hearing aidDouble the price and grade is double the effect..

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