Child hearing aidEvaluation after wearing

(1) gradually increases the wearing time, from day to day to day, as well as when you sleep.

(2) Let the child learn to raise his hand when he hears the sound, and it is easier to evaluate the hearing aid after wearing it.

(3) Use the different frequency of the toy and the familiar game of the child to give the sound and then select the arpeggio on the audiometry instrument to evaluate the hearing aid effect in the sound field environment.

(4) Under the condition of no audiometry equipment, voice tests such as “u, a, ch” can be used to represent the low, medium and high frequency ranges respectively. If you wear a hearing aid, you can hear the “ch” sound of 50, indicating that the hearing aid is better.

Help your child care for him/ Her hearing aids, this is very important; let them realize that hearing aids are very important to them, and try to cultivate their sense of responsibility for the maintenance of hearing aids. But now, you need to maintain your child’s hearing aid.

There are several important reasons why hearing aids need to be maintained: first, to maintain the best performance of the hearing aid; secondly, to ensure that the hearing aid is up to standard and meets high hygiene standards, after all, the hearing aid is in direct contact with your child’s skin; Proper daily cleaning and regular maintenance can extend the life of the hearing aid and ensure good hearing aid performance.

Link:Evaluation of the effect of children's hearing aids after wearing

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