Does the shape of the hearing aid affect the price?

In the same series, the hearing aids have the appearance of the ear, the ear canal and the deep ear canal. Many people will think that the smaller the appearance, the more the price will cost. In fact, this is not the case. It is mainly based on personal preferences. If you are old and inconvenient, it is recommended to choose a back-type hearing aid because it is convenient to wear and the price is also affordable. Of course, if the patient is concerned about the appearance, he does not want others. Seeing him with a hearing aid, you can choose a deep ear canal hearing aid.

The choice of hearing aids also needs to consider the professional fitter accurately grasping the characteristics of the user’s hearing loss, matching the most suitable hearing aid technology to the ear of a specific hearing loss, and continuing, professional and scientific hearing rehabilitation and hearing aids after the selection of the hearing aid. Commissioning and service.

I would like to remind everyone to pay attention to this issue. Compare the specific test items of each hearing center and compare them with professional standards. For example, whether the equipment is professional, whether the test items are more complete, the hearing aid effect evaluation and verification are done, I believe, as long as If you value this issue, you will definitely get the right judgment.

Because the purpose of your hearing aid is to get results, not to save money. If you buy it, it’s a waste, and it’s a waste of care. If you accidentally damage your ears, you’ll lose more.

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