Digital programming hearing aidWhat are the characteristics of digital programming hearing aids?

Digitally programmed hearing aids, also known as programmable hearing aids,It is a new generation of hearing aids that combines digital electronics and analog electronics. Digitally programmed hearing aids contain one or more digital chips inside,Computer-like microprocessor,The working characteristics of the analog amplifying circuit can be determined after different analysis and processing of the external acoustic input signal.


The advantages of digitally programmed hearing aids are:

1 multi-band processing

The digital chip divides the frequency range of the hearing aid into multiple frequency bands and determines its gain, compression threshold and compression ratio, respectively.,The compensation for each frequency band is guaranteed to be more targeted.

2 more fine adjustment

Digital chip can control dozens of hearing aid parameters,A digitally programmed hearing aid can be adapted to multiple patients of varying degrees and different types of hearing curves.

3 compression ratio is adjustable

Compared with traditional compression amplification technology,Adjustable compression ratio,It can be adapted to the actual situation of more users’ hearing.

4 sets of program settings

The acoustic environment in which the user is located is changing,When people are in different acoustic environments,Digital hearing aidThe performance requirements are different. Traditional hearing aids have only one set of frequency response curves.,Can’t quickly adapt to changes in the environment. Digitally programmed hearing aids can store more than two sets of different frequency response curves simultaneously.,Therefore, the purpose of adapting to changes in the acoustic environment can be achieved.

5 remote control

Due to the existence of digital chips,Digital programming hearing aids can be equipped with remote control,It is more convenient to complete program conversion or control hearing aid switch, volume increase and decrease, etc.,It is convenient for celebrities who use finger movements to be flexible.

6 due to digital editing,Hearing aids have a wide range of adaptations,Benefiting patients with large hearing changes, especially progressive hearing loss,Because the parameters of the hearing aid can be modified relatively freely.

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