Daily life of deaf patients

By deafening these two words, we can understand what the main symptoms of this disease are, and these two words will also make us feel extra fear. After all, the world without any sound is terrible. Experts say that for deafness, we should still understand it scientifically, rather than arbitrarily speculating. Below, we will learn about the symptoms.

Tinnitus and dizziness: Tinnitus and dizziness are often the most obvious signs of deafness. When dizziness, tinnitus, or tinnitus is noticeably worse, you should consider promptly seeing your doctor and checking your hearing.

Hearing declines gradually: very few patients claim to be inaudible, and in most cases they complain that they are audible but inaudible. The so-called inaudible, in fact, is the hearing loss, but also a very important deafness signal.

Snoring or asking the other person to repeat: When talking face to face, early deaf patients often snoring or asking the other person to repeat. When calling, you often ask the other party to increase the volume. At any time, the volume of their own speech often unconsciously increases. For people’s conversations, even if they are close at hand, they are often difficult to hear. In addition, some early deaf patients feel easier to talk to men than men, and some are just the opposite.

Insufficient energy: Some early deaf patients first felt a change in their sense of hearing. For example, a little longer it is not easy to focus on listening to each other’s conversations. I often don’t notice that others are saying hello to myself. Another example is that it is difficult to hear the words of others when reading or writing.

The voice is louder: others can obviously feel that the sound is not big enough, so often put your hands behind your ear to increase the receiving volume. It is often required to increase the volume when watching TV or listening to the radio.

Because of the world in which they live, there is no sound. The minds of deaf patients are often lonely, and most of their psychology is inferior. Therefore, as the closest patients, we must take care of them, and more patients. Communicate with the mind to make deaf patients happy.

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