For any deaf person, as long as you want to wear a hearing aid, residual hearing is a very important thing for you.

The specialty of “residual hearing” refers to the part of hearing function that remains after the hearing system is damaged. The simple point is that after suffering from deafness, you have the rest of your hearing. Residual hearing can be used to measure the degree of hearing loss of patients with hearing loss. Generally speaking, the less residual hearing you have, the more serious your own hearing loss will be.

As I said before, residual hearing is very important for hearing impaired patients. Once your residual hearing is 0, you will be declared as completely deaf. At this time, even if you can’t make it up, wearing hearing aids will not work.

So if I am suffering from deafness, how can I protect my residual hearing?

At present, the simplest and most effective way to protect residual hearing is to wear hearing aids. Wearing hearing aids can not only improve our hearing, let us hear sound, but also protect the residual hearing. When you have hearing loss, wear hearing aids as early as possible to protect our residual hearing, so as to ensure the hearing aid effect when we wear hearing aids later.

At the same time, pay attention to avoid the use of ototoxic drugs or antibiotics. Some antibiotics commonly used in hospitals will cause damage to our residual hearing. Some patients themselves also have some other diseases. They often need to take some drugs. Before using these drugs, it is better to ask the doctor if the drug is ototoxic and confirm No mistake before eating. It is necessary to know that the damage of ototoxic drugs to the ear hearing is usually irreversible.

For the deaf patients who have no residual hearing, they can’t go back to the sky to wear hearing aids, so they can only choose the cochlear implant. The difference between the cochlear implant and the hearing aid is that the hearing aid enables us to hear sound by amplifying the residual hearing, while the cochlear implant directly stimulates the auditory nerve and skips the residual hearing.

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