Children’s Hearing Training Method – How to Conduct Child Listening Training

Child withChild hearing aidAfterwards, parents are anxious, hoping that children can learn to talk quickly. In fact, normal children learn to speak at the age of one or even two years before they formally speak. Normal children do not need to spend a lot of effort to teach him. The most important thing is to learn the habit of listening. The child first learns to listen, is used to listening, and trains listening ability.

Then the child just took the hearing aid for two or three months. First, let the child perceive various sounds, listen to them, and cultivate the habit of listening. The children should participate in life, play more games, describe the game for the children to listen, and feel. And the pronunciation is not urgent, it is based on the child’s hearing ability training, the listening practice, and the expression part of the spoken language, as well as the communication and interaction, are all carried out simultaneously. It is best that these exercises can be played in the game. get on.

The training skills for practicing auditory abilities are ultimately reflected in the child’s ability to communicate and interact in real life. That is to say, let the child read a poem or recite a story to reflect his recovery. I don’t think this is complete. Reflecting his recovery performance, he can only say his narrative ability. His articulation can be seen, but how true is his child’s communication skills and his listening skills, or whether he should be reflected in the natural dialogue. And this kind of natural dialogue is not to talk to the teacher, because I have seen such a student before, my mother will tell the teacher: You say that the teacher is good, the child sees the mother and says “You say hello to the teacher”, he is My mother’s words have all been repeated, but he can’t understand what this sentence means. It can be seen that the child only learned the pronunciation and did not have the ability to listen completely, so the training of the child’s hearing ability is very important.

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