Child hearing and what should I pay attention to when matching? [Latest finishing]

child hearing aids the same time, it is mainly to communicate with the parents about the child’s condition and interventions. Many children are suffering from neurological hearing loss and can only recover from hearing and speech by matching and wearing appropriate hearing aids.

In communication, the most concerned issue for parents is: “What brand of hearing aids is best?”

The choice of children’s hearing aids and adult hearing aids are different. The requirements are higher. If the matching is improper, it will cause the child’s hearing to decline further, or the expected effect will not be achieved, delaying the child’s speech formation and even intellectual development.

In the selection of children’s hearing aids, more important is the early hearing loss assessment and diagnosis, and multiple analysis, multiple examinations, and repeated hearing tests and hearing aid debugging in the follow-up. Maximize the child’s residual hearing.

Child hearing aidWhat factors should be considered for the success of the match?

1 Child’s age: to subdivide the child’s age,6Less than a month,6Month~1year old,1 ~ 2year old,2 ~ 4Years old, the younger the age, the finer the score. Even if the hearing loss is the same, the matching parameters for different ages are different. Even with the same child, the same hearing aid, the same hearing loss, the hearing aid parameters of different age groups are different.

2 Children’s hearing loss: for3Infants under the age of the child, the accurate judgment of the degree of hearing loss is very important for the child’s hearing aid selection and debugging! Children of this age group do not subjectively cooperate. When determining the degree of hearing loss at each frequency, it is necessary to comprehensively analyze each objective hearing report and conduct behavioral measurement and listening. In fact, For more than one month, you can choose different ways of behavioral listening and listen according to the characteristics of the child. Through the tester’s experience and patient and careful observation, the child’s hearing loss is measured.

3 Medical history inquiry: The communication between the hearing aid fitter and the parents is very important. Through the professional knowledge of the fitter, the parents can fully communicate with the parents to understand the child’s related medical history and the response to the voice in daily life. Age characteristics and hearing test report, the comprehensive judgment of the child’s hearing development status, so as to choose a suitable hearing aid.

4 Child hearing aid Does the fitter have a medical background: different from adult hearing aids, children’s hearing aids require hearing aids. It is best to have a formal medical education background so that professional hearing aids can be used for the child’s professional knowledge. Follow up.

5 Positive cooperation of parents: Hearing aids are an important tool for children’s auditory speech rehabilitation and learning. Therefore, hearing aid fitting is a long process, not just the purchase of a hearing aid. Parents’ active participation in subsequent follow-up is very important for the child to always maintain the best hearing state!

6 Hearing aid brand and corresponding performance and parameters: according to the child’s hearing at the time and subsequent6The expected hearing needs of the year or so, the hearing aid fitter chooses the right one. Child hearing aid It is also very important. The most expensive is not necessarily the best! The most suitable is the best

7 Child hearing aid Brand and price: Nowadays, several international brands of hearing aids are not very different in technology. Parents need to consider whether the technology of the hearing aid meets the child.8The hearing and speech rehabilitation needs of the year, the quality of the hearing aid is stable, and the cost performance of the hearing aid is high.

Parents are advised not to blindly compare brands and prices, choose a fitter with sufficient professional knowledge, enough love, and sufficient responsibility to bring good news to children.

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