Cheap hearing aids can also wear high-end hearing aids?

Listen to the test yourself and find a reliable hearing aid fitter!

Hearing aids are indispensable for professional fitting. Now many mainstream hearing organizations do not choose to carry out hearing aid sales on the Internet, because there is a fundamental difference between online purchase and store fitting. Hearing aids must be listened to by the patient to audition and fitting in order to achieve the best results!


Only when you go to the store for hearing test, you can understand the patient’s medical history, check the hearing loss of the hearing loss patient, determine the hearing loss of which nature, and determine the speech resolution. There is a comprehensive assessment.

There is a saying in the listening industry: three-point machine, seven-point fitting. A good hearing aid fitter plays a very important role in the listening experience of hearing loss patients. The hearing aid is worn for a period of time, and the fine adjustment is continuously made in the later stage. The patient wears feedback and verbal evaluation to ensure the accuracy of the parameters, so that the hearing aid can exert its maximum effect.

Hearing aids may not be suitable for hearing loss without fitting, and it is difficult to exert hearing aid effects. What is more serious is that it may damage the residual hearing of the user and cause the patient to wear more and more.

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