There are two main causes of hearing loss: hearing loss caused by aging, hearing loss caused by noise; hearing loss caused by many factors, including long-term exposure to noise, genetic factors, illness, response to certain drugs, trauma, earwax, aging, etc.; hearing loss caused by aging can be divided into two categories: hearing loss caused by aging and hearing loss caused by noise; through hearing examination, we can quickly return The purpose of this paper is to find out the hearing aid system which can help to improve the hearing of two kinds of hearing loss.

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Hearing loss caused by aging

With the increase of age to about 50 years old, the function of auditory cells becomes worse, especially the treble. As a result, it is difficult to hear the telephone ring or the doorbell. It is also difficult to keep up with other people’s speech during the party. In some cases, too much noise will cause serious discomfort

Noise induced hearing loss

This is the most modern way to show hearing loss, which is not only the most frequent occupational disease, but also because modern society is full of all kinds of noise, which has a greater impact on people.

Noise may also be the main cause of slow but gradually increased hearing loss. The most common cause of hearing loss in young people is the gradual decline of hearing caused by long-term exposure to noise environment, such as listening to excessively noisy music.

In the early stage of noise induced hearing loss, patients will find it very difficult to listen to high-frequency sound, and then the middle tone will gradually be lost.

Long term exposure to the volume of about 85 decibels may cause damage to hearing. For example, if you are in a concert with a very loud volume, or listen to an MP3 Walkman with a large volume, you may find that your hearing becomes less acute after the music ends. This is because the sensitive hair cells in your auditory organs are temporarily damaged. After a period of rest, they will recover. That is the so-called TTS (temporary threshold shift), which means that the lowest threshold can be heard to increase during that period.

However, if you repeatedly experience TTS (temporary threshold shift), the sensitive hairs and cells on the auditory organ may be permanently damaged, and even more seriously, they will lose the ability to recover. This is called PTS (permanent threshold shift). It is especially dangerous to be in a high volume environment for a long time, such as a concert or a nightclub, or to use a walkman for a long time. For example, music from headphones can easily reach 110-120 decibels when people are not aware of it. And sudden loud sounds such as fireworks or firecrackers can also cause injury.

Workers in high volume environment are high risk groups of hearing loss, such as workers in construction sites, workers in factories, workers on aircraft take-off and landing runways or music workers. Workers engaged in similar work shall wear hearing protection devices for a long time. Another common symptom of hearing injury is tinnitus, which usually occurs when one or two ears feel heard, but the inner ear does not respond. In other words, these sounds hardly exist.

Effects of hearing loss

Many people’s lives in the world are affected by different levels and ways of hearing loss. When hearing loss affects people’s lives for a long time, people may feel lonely or isolated. If we neglect its influence for a long time, it is only the hearing loss of physiological symptoms, which may become a dual problem of psychology and physiology. Therefore, it is very important for hearing loss patients to find an appropriate solution immediately. The problem of hearing loss is not alone. Around 500 million people around the world have hearing loss problems. In other words, in most countries, one in six people may have hearing loss. After wearing hearing aids, about 90% of people’s hearing has improved significantly, which also shows that you don’t need to worry about hearing loss. As long as you seek appropriate solutions, your life will be restored smoothly and confidently.

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