Do you know which country has the most hearing impaired children in the world?

The answer is in China. In 2006, the second national sample survey of disabled people showed that there are 27.8 million people with hearing language disabilities in China, including about 137000 hearing disabled children aged 0-6 and about 23000 new deaf children every year. This is a large number of people, which is also increasing every year

The birth of a new life is a happy thing for every family. To have a healthy baby is the greatest wish of parents. A defective and unhealthy child is an irreparable wound for children, parents and families, both economically and mentally. However, due to various factors, not every family can fulfill their wishes. These little angels with broken wings need our care and love even more.

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In Taizhou special education school, there is a teacher Mao Meifen. She has been engaged in children’s speech rehabilitation education for 17 years. With her rich teaching experience, she teaches deaf children to listen, distinguish and pronounce in the game. With her brilliant smile, she tells these children that you are no different from other children. One day, you can also talk with the world and listen to this The world.

Maomeifen likes playing with children very much. When she sees the deaf and dumb children who can’t speak, her heart is sore. How big they are, but they can’t hear or speak. The world is unfair to them. After that, Mao Meifen began to work in the listening industry. At the age of 25, she got close to the special education business. When she stood on the special education teacher’s platform, she had only one idea. She wanted to change the situation of ten deaf and nine dumb children. Many deaf children’s vocal organs were normal, just because they could not hear and did not learn to speak. Although he is just an ordinary person with limited power, the power of tens of thousands of special education teachers can help more deaf children return to the sound world.

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“According to a number of studies at home and abroad, hearing loss is found in children’s early stage. Within six months, children can choose hearing aids and carry out scientific debugging and speech training. There is no gap between their language level and intelligence level and normal children. The later they take interventions, the better their expectations are missed. Even if they make several times of efforts, the effect will be unsatisfactory.” 。 So we need to find and treat as soon as possible. ”

When she set foot on the road of language training teacher, Miss Mao knew that the road ahead was long and full of hardships. Speech rehabilitation training could not be completed overnight. She had to pay a lot of manpower, energy and material resources. Whenever the parents looked at themselves helplessly and the children looked at themselves with watery eyes, she felt the heavy burden on herself, and she was also a parent. She knew this well In fact, some parents have only one small wish: they hope that their children can open their mouths and call their mothers, and they will be satisfied with their normal communication with other children.

Even if the road to recovery is hard, she will help these children. She is their last hope. Because hearing-impaired children can’t hear, are more sensitive, stubborn and impulsive, are more curious about other things, and speech rehabilitation training is not smooth. As soon as Mr. Mao is free, he will study rehabilitation knowledge, attend various hearing seminars, improve his professional level, and prepare various small games to attract children’s attention. How many times in the evening and in the morning, how many times in the night, those children may not know. Mr. Mao taught them to practice pronunciation and speaking in the daytime. In the night, they also repeated the things in the daytime. When children learn to listen and call teacher Mao, all these efforts have been rewarded, which is the biggest affirmation of their own industry.

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In the process of speech rehabilitation for children, a grandmother cried: “what’s the evil in our family? A good grandson is a deaf man. His face is all lost at home. When I go to kindergarten for him, I dare not put the one next to my family. I’m afraid that my neighbor knows it and only dare to put it far away.”. Teacher Mao enlightened her: “ah, this idea is totally wrong! Sometimes parents’ words will affect their children. First of all, parents should correct their attitude to better guide their children. Wearing hearing aids is the same as wearing glasses, no difference. Wearing glasses is to see things more clearly. Wearing hearing aids is to hear sound better. How can you lose your face and let go of yourself We can help our children better with our own psychological obstacles. We are working together to create a better tomorrow for our children, and the society is progressing. ”

It has been 17 years since he stood on the teacher’s podium at the age of 25. Mr. Mao devoted his best years to the three foot podium. The students at the beginning have grown up, entered university and integrated into the normal society. A group of new students are thriving under the careful education of Mr. Mao.


Finally, Jinghao wants to say something about listening: newborn hearing screening is really important, but many parents don’t pay attention to it. Until the child is several years old, they find that the child is not very good at speaking. If they find out the hearing disorder of the child too late, it will seriously affect the child’s language, physical and mental development in the future, and have an irreversible impact on the child’s health. Hearing screening is fast, simple, safe and without side effects. Xiaobian calls on all parents to actively arrange hearing screening for your child after birth.

Even if you find that your child has hearing impairment, please don’t panic. Our Jinghao hearing experts will use exquisite hearing aid matching technology, and then through auditory speech training, let the children with hearing impairment enter the general kindergarten and primary school after treatment, intervention and auditory speech training, and live, study and grow up healthily with the children with normal hearing, And integrate into the mainstream society. By the way, Mr. Mao Meifen will also come to Jinghao hearing clinic from time to time. Welcome to call 4008001806 for consultation.

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