Can a second-hand hearing aid be used?Used hearing aid

Second-hand hearing aids can not be used, wear not to wear, listen well, these issues have to be considered, you can judge the use of second-hand hearing aids from the following three aspects.

1 Look at the shape of the hearing aid

The in-ear machine is customized according to the wearer’s ear canal, and each person’s ear canal has a different shape, so it is impossible for you. If you have to wear somebody else’s machine, chances areHearing aidEither often slipping out, either suddenly exposed or making you feel uncomfortable in your ears.


Compared with the custom machine, the ear-back machine has certain availability, because the advantage of the ear-back machine is “universal”. However, the ear molds connected to the ear and back machine are not “universal” or need to be individually customized according to the wearer’s ear canal. Before customizing the ear mold, the fitter needs to take the ear sample for you; because the acoustic environment of the ear canal changes after wearing the ear mold, after the ear mold is made, the fitter still needs the hearing aid according to your hearing loss, combined with the hearing aid and The ear model is for you to re-edit the hearing aid.

2 Look at the hearing aid “age”

If idle or second-hand hearing aids have been in use for more than five years, the technology of hearing aids is relatively backward. Although the hearing aid can be re-commissioned by the fitter, the functionality and debugging limitations of the old hearing aid are likely to be unsuitable for your hearing needs. After all, the technology of hearing aids is undergoing rapid changes. Once new technologies are introduced and used, old models are usually eliminated soon.

3 Assess your hearing loss

Regardless of the type of hearing aid, there is a range of fittings that are applicable. The hearing loss of the wearer during the fitting needs to be within the scope of the hearing aid. If your hearing loss exceeds the hearing aid’s coverage, this hearing aid does not improve your hearing and it doesn’t work. Therefore, when you want to use a second-hand hearing aid, whether its fitting range can meet your hearing loss, it must be considered. The professional fitter will tell you after the test, whether this machine is suitable. you.

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