Children’s hearing is not good, will hearing aids resume hearing?

Regarding children’s poor hearing, whether hearing aids will restore hearing problems, children’s hearing is not good, should go to the hospital for diagnosis, no treatment after treatment or unwilling to receive treatment (some parents do not accept to avoid permanent damage) Human implanted cochlear implants can achieve better hearing by wearing hearing aids with children’s residual hearing, but hearing aids are auxiliary rehabilitation and have no therapeutic effect. Although it is auxiliary, it is better for children to hear and listen to the sounds of swaying, breaking sentences and good sounds. After all, they are learning while listening and imitating, and the appropriate hearing aids provide help in such children. It is very big, and growth is irreversible. I hope that children can listen better through medical and auxiliary means.

Hearing is not good, you have to go to the hospital to detect the problem. If you can treat it, go to the hospital for treatment. There is no way to treat the hearing loss with neurological hearing loss. The hearing aid can make the sound more magnified and make the ear more Hearing, can not play a role in treatment, after listening for a period of time, the hearing can not be repaired, just to make the auditory nerve more sensitive, to avoid hearing nerves degenerate quickly.

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