Can hearing aids resume hearing in time?

Genetically delayed deafness or external causes can be cured or improved by treatments such as hyperbaric oxygen chambers, drugs, etc.! ! But with the best treatment period, missing the best treatment period has a great impact on the curative effect! There is no way to cure or improve your hearing with a hearing aid! Hearing aids are just hearing compensation tools, not healing tools!

Wearing a hearing aid can’t restore your hearing. For a simple example, your eyes are nearsighted. If you have eyes, can your vision be restored? The hearing aid just enlarges the sound that could not be heard until it can be heard. It is not your hearing recovery. Hearing aids are tools that aid in listening. It’s just that the original inaudible sound is magnified to the point where it can be heard, reducing the difficulty of hearing (caused by deafness) and reducing the degree of deafness (psychological factors) without an exact scale.

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