Can you do magnetic resonance with a hearing aid?

Can I do MRI with a hearing aid? How do you hear about a magnetic resonance examination and the hearing aid is broken? Yes, this is why, this is what NMR works.

About magnetic resonance imaging (MRI

Magnetic resonance imagingMRIIt is a new medical imaging technology that utilizes the principle of nuclear magnetic resonance. It has high resolution for soft tissue and provides a reliable basis for surgically determining the scope of surgery. It can help doctors “see” early lesions that are not easily noticeable. Tools for early screening of heart disease and cerebrovascular disease.

According to the working principle of MRI, all ferromagnetic articles and electronic products will be demagnetized and damaged when they are brought into the magnetic resonance examination room, so the hearing aid is also difficult to escape.

Some friends wear ear canal machines with very good invisibility effects. Doctors can hardly find them and may be negligent. So before you perform MRI, don’t forget to take the hearing aid off, otherwise it would be a pity to break.

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