Can you buy a hearing aid online?

The price of the hearing aid is directly related to the type of hearing aid. Everyone often heard that someone bought a hearing aid at a certain drug shop. Someone bought two or three hundred online hearing aids. Yes, there are indeed such products, but he is not a regular hearing aid, but a so-called sound amplifier, the simulator that the industry calls.

The machines purchased on this type of network have the same disadvantages: they cannot be fitted according to the customer’s hearing loss, and there is no noise reduction function, accompanied by howling.


Hearing aids are special products that require professional fitting and fitting. It is not that you can buy them yourself, as if you are wearing glasses, and the degree of glasses varies according to each person’s eyesight. In the same way, each person’s hearing aids are different.

The regular hearing aid, equivalent to a micro-computer, has its own operating platform, a unique operating system, and calculates the correct compensation curve for the customer’s hearing loss, to the extent that it satisfies the customer’s hearing needs.

The physical store is much more expensive than the online price. On the one hand, there are reasons for store rent, employee salary, etc. The biggest reason is the service after purchase. The purchase of the hearing aid is not the end of the transaction, but just started, because the follow-up maintenance It is very important, and the general real experience distribution center will provide certain free maintenance and adjustment time according to the model, which is impossible for online stores.

In addition, hearing aids are valuable commodities, which are relatively small in size, and are inevitably damaged during transportation. When encountering a good faith business, if you encounter an irresponsible business, then there is hardship. It is also recommended to go to a formal institution to fit a hearing aid. For the hearing aid, the service is very important, and the hearing is constantly changing. You need to debug the hearing aid at any time and have a good listening effect.

Based on the above description,Hearing aidThe fitting is still to go to the professional hearing fitting center, and the physical store to find the fitting and fitting division is the reasonable choice.

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