Give the childbearing aid can I assign one?

Parents and friends may be due to economic factors, or the ears of too much hearing, the hearing aid does not provide any help, can only choose hearing aidChildren.

In fact, we recommend that as long as the ear is hearing loss, the ear is still residual hearing, it should be a binaural fit because binaural wear has many benefits:

Build a sense of direction

It is through these two differences that the sound source can be accurately identified by restoring the difference in the time difference and intensity of the sound reaching the ear. If the child is walking on the road but can’t identify the direction of the car, how dangerous it is!

Increase speech intelligibility

Binaural wear has proven to be effective in suppressing noise, allowing children to listen more clearly in noisy environments; Another type of bite can eliminate the dizziness effect and avoid the attenuation of the speech signal caused by speech intelligibility to the other ear.

Avoid delaying hearing loss

If weak hearing can’t stimulate the sound for a long time, it may lead to degeneration of the brain area with weak hearing loss, which can easily lead children to miss the best time to recover speech (3-6Years old, affecting children’s language development, have a great negative impact on future language communication, life, study, and work.

Reduce the occurrence of howling

WearHearing aidThe ear can increase the loudness of the ears, effectively avoiding the hearing aid caused by the excessive amplification caused by howling, allowing the child to get a more comfortable sound and easy to listen.

Shorten hearing aid hearing aids and listen to language recovery time

In the growing period, the brain and auditory nerves develop the information processing ability and the growth of the child. The smaller the child, the more likely it is to return to health and the development of various abilities. Children’s ear wear makes it easier to establish a connection between the brain and the sound and to exert a better hearing recovery effect.

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